Tuesday, October 2, 2007

i went to grab a cup o' joe at val's this morning. ron was there with the ceo. i waved, said hello.

ron's a jovial guy. i think it's the marketing in him. orange is the same way, but worse.

ron: yolanda!! how's the data coming!
me: good, data is good.
ron: have you met the ceo?
me: i've heard something about him, hi.
ron: yolanda's the data analyst.
ceo: ahhh... the data guru!
me: yep, i'm the data person.
ron: i have to tell you how much we love those drg reports. and how excited we are to see the new ones.
ceo: yes. data makes me very excited. call me sick, but i get excited about data.
me: yeah. data.

i was half asleep, groggy, slow. i'm not having a good hair day. hopefully this just added to my data guru authenticity. i can imagine their conversation on the way back to their office.

ceo: she seems really smart, very into her work.
ron: yes, a bit quirky, but very smart.
ceo: not much for conversation.
ron: no. but those reports!

later on in the afternoon, i heard peggy across the hall leave her office.

me: peggy!! come do my reports!
peggy: no!! is it that time of the month already?
me: haha! a data joke! you're funny, i like you.
peggy: i'll trade you the 15 charts in my office.
me: no!

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  1. hahahaha.. "you're funny, I like you" - I like when we say that.
    Have you heard the new in n out commercial? it reminds me of that. I miss you. I forget what you look like. oy.