Thursday, February 7, 2008

have i told you how much i hate butterflies?

it's not that i hate them, or that they did anything to me personally. but i'm afraid of them. terrified. i freeze up when i see them. i'll make you roll your car window up real fast if we're driving through a gaggle of them. or whatever they are when there are a lot of them. when there's a "nightmare" of them, we'll say that.

it is my fear. it is my phobia. it is terrifying. no, i can't explain it to you. no, i can't tell you when it started or why or how or whatever. it just is. hey, nicole kidman is afraid of them. just ask her.

boyfriend and i had Ramona (boyfriend's daughter) over the christmas holiday. we three couldn't stay at my house, i had a roommate and it just wouldn't work out. so.... he and i slept in the guest bedroom at his parent's house.... the guest bedroom....the one... that is decorated.... covered.... smothered..... in BUTTERFLIES. all over. the walls, the ceiling, the walls, the everything, okay? EVERYTHING.

imagine, if you will.... imagine that you are afraid of spiders. and you have to sleep in a room that has cartoon spiders, spider posters, spider wall hangings, stuffed spiders hanging from the ceiling, a spider kite, a spider chrysalis... AAALLL OVER. or maybe, maybe if you're afraid of clowns... imagine the clown faces, the clown shoes (or whatever it is that makes you afraid of clowns.... pfffttt... clowns.... what's there to be afraid of clowns?) ..... AAAALLL OVER.

don't believe me? well, here are some pics.... i'm sorry, i should have taken video. maybe i'll do that this weekend or something. you can't tell from the pictures where in the room... f*ck it, just look at all of it.

my pillow
the view from my pillow toward the other end of the room.
my view from my pillow to the ceiling
butterflies hanging from the ceiling. next to a psychedellic poster, man.

another psychedellic poster, man,

no, your eyes don't deceive you... that's a string of butterfly lights. on the wall.


another hanging butterfly mobile

a fucking BUTTERFLY KITE as you walk in.
butterflies over the window

butterflies over the window


from pupa to chrysalis to FUCKING MONARCH butterfly

butterflies: pressed
"british butterflies and moths" on the ceiling
a stuffed butterfly from the ceiling
cute? no....

no, BF's mom does not hate me. she just reeeeally loves butterflies. i was an adult about it and sucked it up. i ignored them, and for the most part, they ignored me.


  1. Thanks for your comment. You can of course add me to your links.

    What ever happened with the gym membership fees and your friends 'sally' and 'molly'?

  2. my sister and i are going to split it 50/50. i'm the one with the gym membership offer, and she's the one that wanted to piggyback. she's the one that posted the first comment about 50/50, only when she and i first started talking about it, she said all she wanted to pay was her own fee. now she's all "look at me, i'm the fair one". hahahaha.... the fairest in the land.

  3. I don't know how you survived. This room is horrible!!

  4. omg. that is the funniest/craziest/saddest thing I have EVER seen.

  5. I don't have a butterfly phobia, but I'd be afraid to sleep in this room!

  6. Okay, so I'm taking the family to Monarch Grove today. It's where ALL the Monarchs come in the spring after taking a winter siesta in Mexico. I'll take pictures for you.

  7. Yo, I am sorry!!!! I would of gone home. I am not even afraid of them and I wouldn't of been able to fall asleep there. Maybe alot of wine and meds.

  8. there's a place where these things come from? i hate when they migrate through these parts. HATE it.

  9. okay, i admit. i love butterflies. i have two of my tatoos that include butterflies. i also admit that i'm scared to death of spiders and clowns and of that room.

    SCARY. Sorry.

  10. totally scary, nanette. thank you for agreeing.

    carrie, what in the world is fail? like, to fail? or flail? flair?

  11. Oh no. OHNO!


    If it were a room full of clowns, I would black out.