Wednesday, September 26, 2007

hi mom.
i miss you. i'm good. ihaveaboyfriendmelissa'slivinginsin.
do you miss us?
i love you.


SillyHilly said...

I have similar conversations with my own mother. None too satisfying, I know. And I can't decide which part makes me most angry...that my mother can't ever answer me again in one of our one-sided conversations, or that yours can and won't.

I think that last one.
Oh babes.

SillyHilly said...

And if Smallsislivinginsin, then what am I doing? Is there another level above sin? Sin squared? Sin to the Nth degree?

Sin is fun. We all happily embrace our sin, because it makes us happy. Anyone who tells you differently is selling something.

Anonymous said...

i thought of you while i wrote this. i considered your side of it...would you think me a spoiled brat that i could still hear my mom's (unanswering) voice on the other end of my muted line?

either way is painful. there's a relief knowing my dad doesn't have a choice in the matter.

but she still does.

i love you, sis.

Anonymous said...

i think sin is sin. you could plead your case regarding the level of sin you think you might be reaching for. does that mean you're getting more points?