Saturday, October 20, 2018

i'm holding a baby next weekend

a very sweet thing to do.  i can't wait to meet her and hold her and smell the sweet baby smell.

but here's the thing.

the new mama has had a bit of a rough time. she's a first time mama and growth spurts and feedings and changings and sore things have been going on.  we tried for this weekend, but she couldn't, and then suggested next weekend.  i told her i had dinner plans. so she suggested saturday morning.

my gut reaction was, not before noon; and
i'll have to cancel on her because i'll be hungover.

both were my normal responses. the only morning plans i made on the weekend were hair appointments and brunches.

and then i realized i WOULDN'T be hungover.  how many more weekend hours have i gained now?  if i don't stay up late (which i have been doing every friday/saturday), how early could i wake up and be a normal functioning human?  coffee at sunrise?  organizing my closet (i've found it's helpful to have things to do to keep distracted from that other voice that whispers---just one), organizing my fabric, making phone calls, keeping plans, making more plans.

i mean....even these few weekend days i've had of not being hungover...the WORLD is my OYSTER. is this how people feel every weekend?  or is this something that people only realize after they haven't had hangoverless mornings for so long?

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