Wednesday, October 24, 2018


yesterday i went to the store.  for tea.  because new evening habits and all.  i acknowledged the pull to the wine aisle and perused the frozen section.  potstickers!  teeny tiny steak appetizer bites!  i hit the granola bar area and bought a box of granola bars i forgot i didn't like (brought them into work today), and walked down the baking aisle because i thought that's where the honey was.  for the tea, you know.

stopped there for a while. have you seen all of the "cup of cake" and "cup of brownie" stuff they have out lately?  because man.  BUT, no plain old regular chocolate cake.  only dark dark chocolate and other combos.

so i got a cup of brownie.

AND THEN a blueberry muffin mix. did you know it also works for pancakes?!

and today i'm a bit frustrated at work. which is refreshing and also annoying.  i didn't think the frustration would go away?  and i guess i am dealing with it differently. it seems to pass quicker? or i don't rumiate as much? i could be making that up.

i'm having cravings for salty/sweet things.  OH! i also bought two containers of cookies for the office. because i wanted a couple and knew i couldn't keep them in the house.

after i unpacked at home yesterday i realized what i had done with the salty/sweet snacks.  i wondered how they would affect me, since i removed the daily dose of sugar.

so. something else to keep an eye on.

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