Wednesday, October 24, 2007

superman, you're a dick

i'm blessed (cursed?) with vivid dreams. sometimes every night, sometimes a few nights a week. at least once a week. last week i had this dream:

i was hanging out with superman. we were in his airplane hangar that he called home. it overlooked the huge mountain by my house. it was night time, we were hanging out in his patio area in front of the hangar. big boulders, asteroids started coming down and hitting the mountain, starting fires. i was like, supe! supe! ya gotta get out there! we gotta help them! he's standing there, drinking a cup of coffee all calm like and says "i loaned my cape out. i can't fly without my cape." loaned your cape out? what kinda super hero loans their cape out? we watch the boulder/astroids. one flies past my head.

so we went back inside the hangar. he's like "okay, try to fly. you can fly if you reeeally want to." i was like cool, yeah, i'll try it! i start running around the hangar with a hand on my hip and my fist in the air, taking flying leaps, but not succeeding. he's cheering me on, run faster! run faster! so i did. if i could..... just.... run..... faster. i gritted my teeth. i ran faster. i squeezed my fist harder in the air. i channeled more energy into my legs. i willllled them to propel me into the air.

i stopped, exhausted, and looked over at him.

he was doubled over giggling at me, at my attempts to fly. i looked at him.

"superman, you're a dick."

and then i woke up.


  1. At least he didn't take you up to the roof to practice. That may have ended tragically.