Thursday, October 25, 2007

i want a cookie, can i have some juice?

remember going to the dentist when you were little? there was a toy box, full to the brim with cheap plastic toys. we got stickers. we got to read highlights for children. the parents stood at the counter with the window in it. they talked to the nice lady. they spoke a different language. they passed plastic cards back and forth, wrote things down on a clipboard. said yes to braces, yes to fillings, yes to cleanings. never for one single instant did i ever think of myself being tall enough to ever reach that window. i never even thought of older me one day holding my own insurance card, writing down the person to notify, discussing payment, making decisions on tooth subtractions, implants or crowns, fillings, deep cleanings.

nothing makes me feel more like a five year old stuck in geometry class than tax season and open enrollment.

what's this number mean? that's your social security number.

where did my crayons go? finish this first.

will my insurance cover my four million dollar tooth extraction, subduction, re-creation? no. you have to call your other insurance company to find out about that.

but it's four million dollars. it's considered cosmetic.

what's a dependent? your kids.

i have kids? no.

can i have some juice? not until you finish this.

what does rx stand for? prescription.
what's hdhp? high definition health plan? no.

where do babies come from? mary alice makes them. but only in march.

i don't wanna do this. can someone else do it for me? i'll make phillipe do it. it's due on tuesday at midnight. he can do it for you, but it won't be done until the last minute.

but i wanna play outsiiiiiide!!!!! you can't, not until this is finished.

i don't like you! you're not in charge of me!! say what you want, you still have to finish this.

i HATE you!

i stand in a huff, arms crossed over my chest. i won't do this geometry. i WON'T.

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