Tuesday, November 20, 2018

lucky thanksgiving - 44 days

is it more than luck?  i am lucky that i do not have a family that insists on drinking during the holidays.  well.  maybe that's not true.  there is a part of my family that i'm nervous to be around while they drink.  but that will be during the summer.

i don't feel pressure to drink this holiday season.  i've surrounded myself with people who know what i'm doing and are supportive about it.

i've told people, not because i wanted them to know, but i needed them to keep me honest. if i told them i stopped drinking, then i wouldn't order a drink while out with them.

i'm making lemonade; a nice blueberry mint lemonade that "adults" can add their own juice to.

we have games, i ordered more games because of course why not.

it'll be a small batch of good humans i'm excited to hang out with.

it'll be 45 days on thanksgiving.


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