Thursday, February 28, 2008

where did my boobahs go?

2/28/08 411pm
i joined a james. haha. jim. i joined a gym. and i'm actually working out. on tuesday i found myself looking for the closest parking spot to the james entrance. then i thought to myself "you're looking for the closest parking spot to the james? get out and walk, fatty." (i'm working on less self deprecation, but old habits die hard). and i snagged the first spot i found. far from the entrance. and walked all the way across the parking lot.

i joined a james. and it's not a phase. my health is at a crossroads. i can continue eating what i want, when i want, drinking all the alcohol i want, snacking whenever i want, and not paying attention to my health, or i can rein it in. i decided to rein it in. i mean... i'm 30, for pete's sake. and i have a nice ass. a really nice ass.

i joined a james and i'm watching what i eat. meaning, i'm not eating whenever i'm bored (when i'm bored i can go to the james), i'm drinking 8 glasses of water a day, i'm cutting down on my alcohol intake. and listen to this.... i'm sleeping better. i feel better. i know, i know, it's only been a week, but i'm excited.

why join a james? isn't there a perfectly good hill near my house for me to run myself silly on? don't i live 15 minutes from the beach? well, money motivates me. if i'm spending $26.99 a month for a place to work out, i'm going to get my money's worth.

i can complain about my weight and feel insecure and not wear that cute top, or i can get off my ass like a grown up and take responsibility. own it. i joined an online community, too. it's like myspace, but for weight loss. there are blogs, forums, message boards, groups, you can create your own page, collect friends, leave comments, find good recipes, track your calories, exercise, and -- get THIS -- CHARTS AND GRAPHS OF YOUR PROGRESS!! without even having to create formulas or numerators and denominators! you just click! and the chart or graph is THERE! in COLOR! oh, and it's free.

so. my goals in no particular order:
lose weight
feeeeeel better
gain confidence
like myself nekked
better heart health
find my boobahs (how hath thou run away so fast?)
sleep better
play with my nephews with less gasping for air (they're still going to win every time)
run a 3k and 5k.... gradually increase to a possible marathon???

oh, and in case you were wondering, molly and sally were (was? crap) me and my sister. we both joined the james and since

+ $17.99


$53.98÷2 = $26.99
$35.99 - $26.99 = $9.00

i will be receiving a check for 9 whole dollars from smelly melly marie every 25th of the month. for both of us to work out in the james. such a deal, eh?

i'm not turning this into an eat your vegetables don't talk to me about hamburgers and french fries blog.
and it's not dieting. making permanent healthy lifestyle changes. katrina and i are meeting tonight to work on our fitness. smelly melly marie and i are meeting tomorrow for more fitness. then this weekend for a yoga or pilates thingie. i'll let you know how the yoga/pilates class goes. i've never been.
oh, and ladies over here, i haven't forgotten about you!


  1. OMG try My Food

    Best weight loss/food site ever. And by that I mean, for just keeping track of things like your vitamin intake and your water intake and all of that. It was a little hard for me to really get into the forums because many people there have very significant weight to loose and don't really want to hear me whine about loosing seven pounds so my ass still looks like its 18 in a bikini, but still, the website itself is, strangely, super motivating.

    Now....have I been to it in three months? Does my ass look 18 in a bikini? Sadly, no. But you can blame Ben and Jerry and February for that. But they'll be the first ones I call when it's bikini bottom time. For shizzle.

  2. eeeeeeeeeeeeeee I lurrrve it!
    and I love your boobahhhhs!