Sunday, February 17, 2008

uncle john and the amazing john installation

conversations with my uncle john are always hilarious. he's a very animated man. he gets ahead of himself when he's excited about a story, or thinks something's funny. similar to my dad, his brother, who couldn't get through telling a joke without laughing hysterically in the middle of it. it took forever for him to get to the punchline. because the only thing he was thinking of the whole time was how funny the punchline is.

my uncle was describing how his son, adam, was renovating his house. here's part of the conversation i had with him.

"his ex GIRLFRIEND is a MONster!" i thought maybe she was a raving bitch or something. he continued, "she bought a TOILET a WHOLE TOILET and came over and HOOKED EVERYTHING UP! pipes and EVERYTHING!! and it WORKS!!"

you know that high voice some women get when they're telling one of their girlfriends about an injustice, a good shoe sale, something their boyfriend, husband, boss, sister did that they couldn't believe?

my uncle john has a high voice. and so far i've only ever heard it when he describes a woman installing an entire toilet.


  1. Hmmm...what do you think he would say if I told him I can drive a tractor AND parallel park the thing?

  2. are you going to install a toilet after you park it?

  3. Feckn' wench Can you even Believe her??? Putting in a toilet. Phhhtt What is the world coming to?