Friday, February 29, 2008

i'm in the hospital

my coworker, the doctor, walked fast past my office. he was obviously in a rush.
the doctor: "i'll call you when i get back to my office and we'll get on the call."
me: "where are you going?"
the doctor (already halfway down the hall): "the hospital."
me (giggling): "are you okay?"
the doctor (hollering back through the double doors): "yes."

and i giggled some more. any other office that would have been of your coworkers running down the hall, yelling behind them that they were going to the hospital? what? whoa! do you need a ride? do you need me to call anyone? do you need me to put an appendage in a ziploc baggie with ice?

but no. when your office is located in what used to be the birthing wing of the hospital and your office has a negative scope and a sink and a paper towel dispenser and used to be a perinatal room.... asking someone if they're okay when they say they're going to the hospital....

well, that's just funny.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh...we do have such very different times of it at work. This is my day:

Doctor: WTF? Are you guys morons? Are you completely smoking crack? Do you really not know the etiology of DI and do you really not know the most common iatrogenic cause of it??

....Steely silence...

Me, silently: please somebody say "neurosurgery, please someone say neurosurgery, PLEASE somebody say neurosurgery before he sends us all to the clinics to organize medical records"

Doctor: OMG go the friggen clinics, you all are s bunch of ass-scratcging retards.

Anonymous said...

i HHHAAATE medical record numbers. i'm pretty sure it's the same filing system out there. the record number divided by pi, minus the average circumference of two pancakes from the cafeteria, plus the number of times you swear you had chest pains, multiplied by the number of times you curled into the fetal position and cried in the bathroom. plus two.

physician behavior is legendary. can you hold up flashcards behind the doctor? use some kind of blinking system?

Katrina Hazel, Recruitment Hero said...

YAY! I miss the hospital. well not the ED.
ALSO, I think Dr. Hottie is ded, b/c I haven't seen him at the james for 4 weeks. and he's ALWAYS at the james (talking, not working out). SEND OUT A SEARCH PARTYYYY!!