Friday, June 1, 2007

golf clap

Everyone have their 8 irons?
I looked down at my 6. They’re all the same. He won’t be able to tell.
Where’s your 8 iron? That’s a 6.
Oh. I don’t have one.
Well, the 6 will just have to do, Orlando.

Okay, everyone, start swinging. I’m going to watch your swing, then go down the line and talk to you.

You like to whack the ball, don’t you.
Yeah, doesn't everyone?
Well, if you whack the ball, it won’t go straight.
But it’s fun.
Golfing is not supposed to be fun, Orlando.
You got that right.
Why don’t you have an 8 iron?
I don’t know if I like golf enough to get a set. I think I might actually hate golf. I haven't decided. My friend over there, Hilary had an extra 6.
You mean Miller? Are you sure it wasn’t the 9?
Yes, stinky breath. It wasn’t the 9.

Plans for a golf lesson tomorrow at 1:15 following brunch. Girlie. I think The Sarge was mad b/c I had holes in my jeans. He was old school. And old. Stinky breath and BO. I disrespected him with my holey jeans. A pair of golf shorts might be in order. Cargo shorts and a t-shirt and flip flops.


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